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What if Decentralized Software could be built by anyone in Plain English, without knowledge of programming or blockchain architecture? That's the Sparkster Platform.

What if this Smart Software could run at 10 Million TPS? That's the Sparkster Decentralized Cloud. We're accelerating blockchain adoption, and want you to join our revolution.

The Next Generation Sparkster Decentralized Cloud meets the needs of widespread Blockchain adoption by supporting millions of customers and processing tens of millions of transactions per second ON CHAIN! Sparkster Decentralized Cloud is architected to support millions of customers, and hence, support mainstream blockchain adoption.

You have great ideas

We have the tools to bring them to reality.

‘Drag and drop’ your ideas into full blown software in just seconds, without having to learn anything.

Sparkster’s no code platform removes this barrier to entry, Sparkster fuels ambitions by unlocking your potential. Sparkster's Decentalized Cloud is architected to support millions of customers, and hence, support mainstream blockchain adoption.



Given unavoidable overhead such as physical server costs, backup power, maintenance staff, physical security, cooling, etc. traditional cloud providers such as Amazon®, Microsoft®, and Google® will find it difficult to compete with the advent of Decentralized Cloud Computing.


Executing small software components on mobile devices has comparatively near zero costs, and hence as more of these miners join the Sparkster Decentralized Cloud, the cheaper it becomes. The future of Cloud Computing is certainly decentralized, and Sparkster is building the world’s fastest decentralized cloud, able to execute tens of millions of transactions per second.

High Throughput

Networks of tomorrow scale linearly as participants grow, without any limitations. The Sparkster Decentralized Cloud has already proven that it can scale linearly without ANY overhead curtailing its meteoric performance.


Data stored and accessed on the Sparkster Decentralized Cloud is deconstructed into transaction fragments, encrypted and disseminated across a network of nodes. Preventing any data observed from the Sparkster public blockchain being of any meaningful value.


Software of the future not only detects intrusion, it prevents it too. The Sparkster Decentralized Mining app detects tampering such as code injection, thread hijacking, memory tampering etc. Once detected, all client data is immediately deleted from memory, along with access keys to the Sparkster network. That’s what taking security seriously looks like.

Multi Chain Interoperability

The best networks play well with others, especially when customers decide which currency they’re most comfortable with. Hence, software designed with the Sparkster Platform can interact natively with Ethereum and IOTA, TODAY. In the future, we will support other fledgling currencies such as NEO, Cardano and Stellar.

Architectural Transparency

Design software without consideration for where it will run. Centralized or Decentralized, architecture is not something you should be concerned with. The Sparkster Decentralized Cloud abstracts away all the plumbing, allowing you to focus solely on what you want to achieve, and giving you the flexibility of choosing the environment that makes the most sense to you.

Software built for you, by you

No Code Platform

Drag and Drop Interfaces

Define behaviour in Plain English

Integrate the world together

than Traditional Software Development
Why This is an important revolution

The reality is that almost all businesses today are running software that is absolutely incapable of interfacing with the technologies of the future. No matter who provides your business software, whether it’s SAP®, Oracle®, Microsoft®, or it’s homegrown, integrating IOT, AI, Smart Contracts or AR into your existing business processes will not be possible. All this software will have to be ripped and replaced for businesses to continue to be competitive.

Not only is the software architecturally incompatible, but the real problem is that the vast majority of software developers lack the technical knowledge to integrate these new technologies.

That’s why we need Sparkster. Sparkster makes all of these technologies accessible to everybody, by enabling software to be built in plain English by you – the people who actually do the work and understand the business intimately. Respond to changing business circumstances instantly, build the future on your terms, that’s the Sparkster platform. Build software designed for you, by you – at least 100x faster, cheaper and easier than any other alternative.