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What if Decentralized Software could be built by anyone, without knowledge of programming or blockchain architecture? That's the Sparkster Platform.

Sparkster democratizes blockchain application development, reducing cost and complexity, and most importantly, time. Collaborate as a team, build applications without code, add code only where necessary.


Build, launch and scale, at lightening speed with Sparkster.

You have great ideas

We have the tools to bring them to reality.

‘Drag and drop’ your ideas into full blown software in just minutes, without having to learn anything.

Sparkster’s Low Code platform removes this barrier to entry, Sparkster fuels ambitions by unlocking your potential. Collaborate as a team, building without limitations by coding when necessary.

Software built for you, by you

Low Code Platform

Drag and Drop Interfaces

Connect Blocks to Define Behaviour

Integrate the world together

than Traditional Software Development
Atomic Design

Build elements and components, and compose pages that consisting of these elements and components. Style and maintain each component individually, theme globally, and apply to all pages simultaneously.


Build the entire application without code, but if you have complex needs, use code where necessary. The Sparkster Platform is limitless.


Build applications as a team, with interfaces tailored to designers, knowledge workers, and developers.

Web 3.0

Metamask integration facilitates blockchain powered use cases, send data, execute transactions all without code.

Easy Maintainability

Inspect the human readable pretty code generated by each component of our platform. Eliminating risk by ensuring all applications are easy to maintain and debug.


Build and compose serverless functions in a choice of backend languages: C#, Python, Go, Java, JS.


Edge Cloud


Integrate mobile and IoT devices in a next generation decentralized edge cloud, operated and maintained the community that contribute capacity to the network.

Deploy serverless functions and act upon data being collected at the edge at near real time speed, drastically reducing latency and data transport costs when compared with centralized clouds.

That's the vision behind the Sparkster Decentralized Edge Cloud.

Why This is an important revolution

Simply put, numerous studies suggest there are insufficient software developers to meet the needs of businesses globally. Our solution is simple, yet innovative. We believe applications can be built collaboratively with people who work tangentially to the software team - designers, process engineers, managers, and enthusiasts.


By automatically generating code from our drag and drop environment, applications are performant and bug free. Should you encounter any complexity, engage a software engineer who can read the human readable generated code, inject code where necessary to overcome any hurdle or obstacle.


By utilizing software engineers where necessary, rather than at every stage of the software development lifecycle, developers are able to be far more productive and contribute far greater value, by eliminating simple or repetitive tasks from their daily workflow.


Together, we collaborate to meet the challenges of our modern world.