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The Next Generation Sparkster Decentralized Cloud meets the needs of widespread Blockchain adoption by supporting millions of customers and processing tens of millions of transactions per second ON CHAIN! 




Sparkster TECH STACK

We’re all Sparksters, we harness our innate human ingenuity, allowing us to bring ideas to life.

With the right tools, we can solve the world’s most pressing problems, unleash our creative potential, contribute to our society and change the world! This is who you are.

Sparkster Platform

Software built for you, by you.

Drag and Drop Interfaces

Define behavior in Plain English

Integrate the world together

See it in action!

100x Faster and Cheaper than Traditional Software Development.

Disrupting the Cloud

Sparkster innovative cloud will disrupt the $200 billion cloud computing industry and prohibitive prices set by centralized cloud providers like AWS(R), Microsoft(R), Google(R) and IBM(R).

Simple intuitive platform

You have great ideas, we have the tools to bring them to reality. ‘Drag and drop’ your ideas into full blown software in just seconds, without having to learn anything. Removing this barrier to entry, Sparkster fuels ambitions by unlocking your potential.

Sell Ideas Not Effort

Ideas are ubiquitous, they’re not the privilege of the few, but rather the prerogative of everybody. In our everyday lives, we can all see better and more efficient ways of doing things. The Sparkster Marketplace empowers you to sell these ideas, find patrons and fans to help bring about the change you seek, and create sustainability through paying customers. The Sparkster platform presents a path to liberation and a path to financial independence.

We’re ready to go. Are you?

The Sparkster platform is a finished product. Let’s get started putting it to good use today. Click here to get started! We’re empowering people – like you – to build the future. Our mission is one of inclusion, collaboration and progress, and to make sure no one gets left behind.

Sparkster Decentralized Cloud

Inspired by Human Cell Division.

Decentralized Clouds are the Future

Given unavoidable overhead such as physical server costs, backup power, maintenance staff, physical security, cooling, etc. traditional cloud providers such as Amazon®, Microsoft®, and Google® will find it difficult to compete with the advent of Decentralized Cloud Computing.


Executing small software components on mobile devices has comparatively near zero costs, and hence as more of these miners join the Sparkster Decentralized Cloud, the cheaper it becomes. The future of Cloud Computing is certainly decentralized, and Sparkster is building the world’s fastest decentralized cloud, able to execute tens of millions of transactions per second.

Why We're the Blockchain for Mass Adoption?

Networks of tomorrow scale linearly as participants grow, without any limitations. The Sparkster Decentralized Cloud has already proven that it can scale linearly without ANY overhead curtailing its meteoric performance. Inherent in its design is isolation between cells, casting off the shackles that inhibit almost all other blockchains. Isolation leads to parallelism and concurrency, but without ANY performance inhibiting overhead.

Data stored and accessed on the Sparkster Decentralized Cloud is deconstructed into transaction fragments, encrypted and disseminated across a network of nodes. Preventing any data observed from the Sparkster public blockchain being of any meaningful value. Sparkster’s Decentalized Cloud implements zk-SNARKs, originally commissioned by Zcash, zero knowledge proofs ensure that client data is obfuscated, even from other network participants. 

Software of the future not only detects intrusion, it prevents it too. The Sparkster Decentralized Mining app detects tampering such as code injection, thread hijacking, memory tampering etc. Once detected, all client data is immediately deleted from memory, along with access keys to the Sparkster network. That’s what taking security seriously looks like.

The best networks play well with others, especially when customers decide which currency they’re most comfortable with. Hence, software designed with the Sparkster Platform can interact natively with Ethereum and IOTA, TODAY. In the future, we will support other fledgling currencies such as NEO, Cardano and Stellar.

Design software without consideration for where it will run. Centralized or Decentralized, architecture is not something you should be concerned with. The Sparkster Decentralized Cloud abstracts away all the plumbing, allowing you to focus solely on what you want to achieve, and giving you the flexibility of choosing the environment that makes the most sense to you.

The Big Idea:

In one word: Isolation. Inspired by human cell division, once a cell is created it no longer shares anything with any other cell. Blockchains that can operate this way, can eliminate communication overhead, parallelizing transactions that result in linear increases in throughout with each additional cell. Think of them as independent blockchains that have their own hash tables that NEVER synchronize. 


Think of two companies, say GE and GM. Imagine, they were to store their customer transactions in two different cells. Would GE ever need awareness of GM’s customer data? That’s the big idea. It means that we can stream both GE and GM’s data in parallel to two different cells, with completely different hash tables. Each cell supports more than 1,000 TPS, and so, two cells results in 2,000 TPS. You get the idea.

So what? Well, this means the Sparkster Decentalized Cloud is architected to support millions of customers, and hence, support mainstream blockchain adoption. It also means that the next Amazon can store is customers across cells, and hence being able to build their own applications that can support tens of millions of transactions per second. That’s a big idea.


What is the Sparkster Platform?

What is the Sparkster Decentralized Cloud?

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Professor Gary Leavens

Chair of Computer Science Department, UCF
Expert in Computer Programming Languages

Juan Albelo

Senior Vice President, SAP

Leadership Team

Sajjad Daya


Amit Kumar

VP, Technology

Shabeer Kirmani

VP, Evangelism

Dayanie Rajeev

VP, Human Resource

Sparkster's Team's Experience Comprises:

Sparkster Warriors

Neeru Pallen

Senior Marketing Executive


Munawar Bijani

Senior Software Engineer

Nagendra Obbu

Senior Software Engineer

Siddharth Ubale

Senior Software Engineer

Mithun Debnath

Senior Software Engineer

Prasad Nadendla

Senior Software Engineer

Praveen Namoju

Senior Software Engineer

Swarup Kumar Roul

Senior Software Engineer

Akshay Tiwari

Senior Software Engineer


Senior Software Engineer

Sethuraman Babu

Senior Software Engineer

Udbhav Agarwal

Senior Software Engineer

Shaik Naimuddin

Senior Software Engineer

Kavya Ravishanker

Software Engineer

Monika S Krishnappa

Software Engineer

Abjeet Dhiraj

Senior Test Engineer

Abhijit Kumar Patel

Senior Test Engineer


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