We believe software skills are a human right, as important as reading, writing, and math.

Apps are how we solve problems, build companies, and express our creativity. And in our fast-moving, automated world, they are the new official language of prosperity. But too many of us are left out, lacking the skills or expensive education to know the first thing about creating software. 

Our mission is to change that.  You deserve the opportunity to help build the future.  Because when you succeed, we all succeed.


We are maniacally focused on helping you by doing three things well:

Create software to write software without code: When anyone can drag-and-drop their ideas to create a functional app, we unleash creativity and problem solving that can dramatically improve lives. We’re putting you in the driver’s seat so you can make your passion project real, earn more income, make your business more efficient, and lift up your community. That’s our passion.

Release tools so smart, they’re simple: We believe computers should learn to understand us, in our own language. So Sparkster makes building applications easy, connects with popular services like Salesforce, Twitter, Slack, and Instagram, and requires no programming knowledge—just curiosity and a problem to solve. You connect building blocks in a visual and intuitive way, and we generate the code behind the scenes. Simple!

Support the next generation of makers: We’re leading the way in democratizing application development and, in the process, cultivating a generation of builders like you. Whether you’re dreaming up new ways to help your customers, taking the leap to build your first app, or just learning a new skill, Sparkster can help turn your ideas into action.


Get a free individual license today, no catch. We succeed when you succeed.

Once you’ve seen the value of the platform and you’re ready to use your newfound skills on real business problems, you can upgrade to a business account with licenses for each user and small transaction fees.

These transaction fees cover things like storing data, executing a function, or calling an external web service such as Salesforce—and help us keep the lights on. 

Why would a business commission software to be built on our platform?

Simple answer: time. We cut development time, and therefore costs, dramatically.

It’s also built to last: anyone can update it, everyone can understand it. So, as your business changes, and roles change, your software isn’t left behind. Finally, software that keeps with the times.

So give it a try, and see how you can take our platform, your creativity, and build something awesome. We can’t wait to see what you’ll create!


Long before he started Sparkster, our Founder Sajjad Daya was in charge of a fledgling startup experiencing explosive growth… and major challenges. In the early 2000s, at an ecommerce startup in the UK, Sajjad couldn’t even tell his customers if their order had shipped! And for every problem, it seemed like the software solutions were too expensive, too complex, and too far out of reach.   Trying to build the software he needed, Sajjad contracted developers in India—working many time zones removed, at a two-steps-forward-one-step-back pace. Exhausted and incredibly frustrated, but without the development skills to do the job himself, Sajjad had hit a wall. So, he started drawing on a whiteboard.

 There has to be a better way to create software

Salesforce is revolutionary—and too expensive for most small businesses. Microsoft Dynamics is powerful, but too complex and limiting. Neither fit the needs of our growing print factory.

For Sajjad, who had spent years describing his needs to software developers with flow charts and interface mockups on a whiteboard, a truth was emerging: if he wanted to give people like himself the tools to easily build better business software, he’d have to create the toolbox.

It dawned on him, if software can be described in plain English on a whiteboard, it can be built just as easily. We just need to automate the plumbing in the middle. If we focus strictly on what we want the software to do, software development really can be boiled down to a few simple concepts, and that would mean anyone can do it. Sajjad and our technical lead Amit tumbled these ideas around, meeting with software developers and professional mentors to confirm their insights and lay the foundation for a new product that they wanted to use. 

They called it Sparkster.

Their vision was clear: Nobody should learn how to talk to computers, computers should learn to understand us, in our own language. Sparkster would make building applications easy, and require no coding experience. It would be for the doers, the action takers, the people who know there’s a better way to do things but don’t have the time to learn how to program. It would be an application builder for the people who want to build a better world.

Getting to a final product? That would be the biggest challenge of all. But we have a saying here at Sparkster: “we make the impossible, possible.” 

So, we got to work.

We took the little we knew, added a bit of what we had learned, and with a heap of humility and courage we began building, one small piece at a time.

Our team at Sparkster has spent years developing, experimenting, and building proofs of concept. We’ve checked dozens of features off on our list—customizable interfaces, cloud integration, data security, drag-and-drop workflows and more.

At times, we hit what felt like rock bottom, and more than once! Losing talented team members to new jobs at high-profile companies and hitting technical problems that often felt insurmountable. We’ve had days with nothing but challenges, days with only questions and no answers.

But every day, we showed up and built tiny pieces of our big vision without ever taking our eyes off the people we want to help: people like you, people like us, people who have big dreams and need a partner to make it happen.

This journey, and the product you have in your hands today, isn’t finished. Sajjad, Amit and the rest of our Sparkster team are just getting rolling. Sparkster will get smarter, more functional, and easier to use as we learn from the best teachers out there—people like you.

So, welcome to our family! We hope you enjoy what we’ve created as much as we’ve enjoyed building it for you. You’re doing big things, and we’re grateful to be your partner.


  • It’s time for each of us to invent the apps of the future.
  • It’s time for computers to speak our language.
  • It’s time to democratize app development.



We believe software development is a form of creative expression.

Where people can use their creativity, regardless of their technological prowess,

to create innovative solutions to our problems with software. To invent the future. 

Where we use our own simple language to tell computers what we want and they do it.



We aim to empower the dreamer within each of us to innovate.

We will achieve this by democratizing access to the tools necessary for innovation in the 21st century: software development.


1. A report from Oxford University researchers: Carl Frey and Michael Osbourne, estimates that 47% of US job are at risk of automation! Yikes!

2. Shortage of Software Developers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that 1.4 million positions will be open in computing, but only 400,000 students will graduate having studied computer science.

3. Traditional coding is HARD! According to a study by Middlesex University, between 30% and 60% of every university computer science department’s intake, fail their first programming course.


We want to help ensure that you’re in the driving seat of your own destiny. Your economic security shouldn’t be threatened by advances in technology. We’re making building software EASY, so everyone can do it. 

We invented a language that’s plain English. Statements that are so simple, a child can understand them. No more cryptic syntax that’s impossible to decipher. Beware! This product has been tested on children. 

Drag, drop and connect building blocks in a visual and intuitive way, and we GENERATE the code behind the scenes. It really is that simple..


If empowerment is meaningful to you, if geeking out building solutions chimes your bell, join our movement. Help us evangelize. Join us in changing the world.