Empowering Innovators in Your Organization to Innovate

  • Technology without limits.

The best business software responds to change, evolving as quickly as businesses themselves. Anything less and it’s simply not fit for purpose. That’s the springboard from which we work, so we’ve made business software better. Much better.


Software shouldn’t require the business to change the way it works to suite the technology, and it shouldn’t require massive technical rewrites for even the simplest of alterations. The Sparkster platform is built to empower the user rather than exclude them. We’ve simplified the process of creating business software, using plain English to define business logic, and put you in the driving seat.

  • Empower

Ever feel like your company is being held hostage by developers? It’s not malicious (often developers are overworked themselves). It’s simply that they’re the only ones who understand how to ‘talk computer’. This kind of technical bottleneck can hold a business back, stunting growth and quashing creativity.


Our raison d’etre is to return control to the user. Systems, business rules and processes that existed when your company’s software was first developed may be outdated now. It’s time for you to take charge and make the changes that will make your business more efficient. And you don’t need to be a techie to do it. Making changes to how refunds or late payment fees are calculated, for example, are as simple as a few intuitive clicks.

  • Integrate

Keeping data synchronised should be a priority for any well-run business, but doing that by uploading spreadsheets between systems is inefficient at best and infuriating at worst. 


Manual processes like these should not be part of a modern business, so Sparkster makes it easy to integrate your software, allowing it to talk to each other without your input. No need for coding experience. No need for hours of hard graft. We’ve taken care of the nitty gritty so you don’t have to.



  • Innovate

Ever find yourself facing a brick wall of “no we can’t”? Sparkster will help you to nurture a “yes we can” attitude among your team. Problem-solving becomes so much easier when you’re equipped with the right tools.


Chances are every member of your team will have ideas for how things can be improved; fixing broken processes; ironing out bottlenecks; eradicating superfluous paperwork. We all have pet peeves at work but having the chance to banish them can be incredibly empowering.


Suddenly outdated business processes and inefficiencies will be easy obstacles to overcome. Morale will see a boost and your team will be able to reinvent themselves as agents of continued improvement for your business as a whole.

  • Automate

It’s 2018, time to go paperless and ditch the grunt-work. Use our platform to build apps for your most mundane tasks in minutes. No need to code, just drag and drop and suddenly find your to-do list is completely transformed.

Sparkster is all about streamlining and automating day to day processes, to free you up for bigger picture developments. Superfluous paperwork can be permanently eliminated in less than half an hour. Credit control is taken care of. Customer follow-ups are handled in a way that feels personal to the individual but doesn’t eat up man-hours. Purchase orders are made a breeze. The list goes on…