Smart Software running at 10 Million TPS!

Easily Build Smart Software in Seconds with NO CODE, and without learning to code! That’s the Sparkster Platform. Run this software in the Sparkster Decentralized Cloud at 10M TPS. The first blockchain that enables millions of businesses to adopt blockchain technology without thinking about blockchain architecture. How is Smart Software different to Smart Contracts? Smart Software includes:

  • AI
  • IOT
  • Multi Chain (Ethereum, IOTA, etc.)
  • REST APIs with NO CODE
  • Beautiful HTML interfaces
  • Do it ALL in Plain English
  • NO CODE! Nothing to Learn!

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Why is this important?

The greatest challange to blockchain adoption is the difficulty involved in building dApps, and Smart Contracts. How many people do you know that can write Solidity? Sparkster solves this by allowing anyone to build Smart Software, in Plain English! Then, run this software on a blockchain designed specifically for running Smart Software at over 10 Million Transactions Per Second – the Sparkster Decentralized Cloud. Validate our claim, and test drive the Sparkster Platform below. 

Walkthrough 1

Are you new to Software Development? Then you’re in the right place. This walkthrough is for you. Here we will introduce you to all of the basics of software, by building a calculator. You’ll learn all the tools that you’ll need to make more sophisticated software. These walkthroughs are all about learning by doing – the best way to learn software development! In this lesson, we’ll take you through the basics of how to do software development and show you the power of Software! Are you ready to start building?

Walkthrough 2

Want to accelerate your Software skills? Well – you’re in the right place! The next 3 walkthroughs work together to create an advanced piece of software. You’ll learn how you can get energy transferred to you, pay your suppliers and automate the entire process – all with No Code – so you can save time and money. We are ramping up the skillset here! Ready? Let’s get started on becoming an Accelerated Software Developer!


Let’s break this problem down into smaller pieces! This is Part 1 of the Smart Meter Calculator Walkthrough. Here we’re going to use the skills you’ve learned to create a more advanced Unit Calculator, which will determine how much the energy suppliers will get paid. Software is all about solving problems and we are going to help you be a Problem Solving Superstar! Let’s get this show rocking!

Walkthrough 3

Let’s kick it up a Notch! This is Part 2 of the Smart Meter Calculator Walkthrough. Here you’ll learn how to create a Smart Transaction – to actually be able to pay the energy suppliers digitally – automatically. Sound Complex? It is! But don’t worry – we’ve got your back! We’re the guide on your Journey to be a Rockstar Software Developer! Let’s do this!

Walkthrough 4

Here we go! This is it! Part 3 of the Smart Meter Calculator Walkthrough. The Final Part. He we will integrate what we created in the last 2 walkthroughs and bring all the pieces together to create the Smart Meter Calculator, that gets you powered up with some serious Voltage! After this walkthrough you’ll be able to tell your friends that you’ve created some very fancy Software. What’re you waiting for? Let’s go!

Walkthrough 5

Want to make a Smart Contract? And a new Digital Currency? In a matter of Minutes? Impossible?…Well….you’re about to do just that! You’re going to create some seriously advanced software! Hold on to your hats! We’re going for a wild ride!

Walkthrough 6

This is the Big One! Here you’ll create a Smart Contract for Insurance Applicants. This is really advanced software development. After this walkthrough, you won’t believe how far you’ve come! You’ll be able to stand tall and say “I’m a Software Developer!” – Can’t wait? You shouldn’t!

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